Martin Scorsese Plans Byron Janis Biopic; Louis Leterrier To Direct 'The Fireman'

Never straying too far from the music world he loves so much, Martin Scorsese is developing a biopic on classical pianist, Byron Janis. Scorsese will produce the film for Paramount based on Peter Glanz's adaptation of Janis' autobiography.  The 87-year-old Janis has been recognized for his special affinity to 19th century composer, Frederic Chopin, although his repetoire extends to the likes of Beethoven, Mozart, and more. In 1960 during the height of the Cold War he was selected to be part of a successful cultural exchange with the Soviet Union.

At this point it doesn't appear that Scorsese will direct, although given his love of music-based films the possibility has to exist. His rock music series Vinyl debuts on HBO next month, and later this year brings his long-awaited period drama, Silence. [Variety]

Stephen King's son, Joe Hill, is following in his father's footsteps when it comes to seeing his work adapted for the screen. After his book Horns was adapted a couple of years ago, his upcoming book The Fireman has been acquired by 20th Century Fox for Louis Leterrier to direct. Leterrier, best known for action flicks like The Transporter, The Incredible Hulk, Now You See Me, and Sacha Baron Cohen's The Brothers Grimsby, will direct the story of a mysterious hero known as "The Fireman" who tries to stop a pandemic that causes people to spontaneously combust. Hill's book hits stores on May 17th. [Deadline]