Liam Neeson And Jaume Collet-Serra Reunite For Thriller, 'The Commuter'

While it was the Taken films that transformed Liam Neeson into the model for upper-aged action heroes, it has been his collaborations with Spanish director Jaume Collet-Serra that have really solidified this phase of his career. The two have worked together three times on Run All Night, Non-Stop, and Unknown, and now they're looking to add another collaboration to the list.

Neeson and Collet-Serra will team up for The Commuter, and in case the title wasn't clue enough this will be yet another suspense thriller with an easily digestible premise. Sounding a lot like Non-Stop set on the railways, Neeson plays a businessman who uncovers a dangerous conspiracy unfolding on his commuter train home.

If all of this sounds more familiar than usual for a Neeson film, it may be because he signed on to star last fall when Nigerian director Olatunde Osunsanmi (The Fourth Kind) was attached.  Eventually we're going to get a "Best of Neeson and Collet-Serra Vol. 1" Blu-Ray boxed set, just you watch.