Key & Peele Hit the Big Screen! Check out the 'Keanu' Red Band Trailer!!

No, Puss N Boots did not go gangsta', that there is Keanu, the title cat in Key & Peele's debut feature film. Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd write. It takes a special type of person, or in the case people to pull of the "so crazy/stupid it might just work gambit", we're about to find out if Key & Peele are those type of people. The pair play a couple of extremely suburban buddies who have to G it out and head into gang territory to recover a stolen cat. If this trailer is to be believed this movies going to be hilarious, but call me overly cautious. I get the real feeling this flick will have to live on the border of hilarious and beating a dead horse. While there's definite potential it's a huge gamble to stretch a single gimmick out over 90 minutes and expect it to consistently pull laughs. Thankfully it looks like there's going to be some over the top action to compliment the fish (fishes? no..that's not right) out of water angle.  

Even if the movie is horrible I'll still be sitting in a theater for it, why's that you ask? Nia Long....that's why.