Kate Winslet And Idris Elba In Talks For Spy Thriller 'All The Old Knives'

Kate Winslet's having a pretty darn good week, winning a Golden Globe for her performance in Steve Jobs and earning an Oscar nomination, too. Idris Elba? Well...he lost at the Globes for Beasts of No Nation and got screwed by the Academy who left him off the list entirely. Oh well. One way to recover is by doing something new, and now it seems Winslet and Elba are set to work together on a promising thriller.

A couple of years ago Neil Burger agreed to direct All the Old Knives, based on the book by Olen Steinhauser about two ex-lovers, both CIA agents, who meet and reminisce about a mission that may have compromised one of them. Little was heard about the film for a while but now Elba and Winslet are in talks to play the two lovers. The caveat is that neither actor will sign on without the other, so clearly they want to work together and chances are producers will bend over backwards to make it happen. This would also be a reunion between Winslet and Burger, who worked together on Divergent.

Steinhauser is adapting the screenplay himself, and basically this is one movie worth keeping a very close eye on once all the details are locked down. [Baz Bamigboye]