Johnny Depp May Join Long-Developing Crime Thriller 'Triple Frontier'

Triple Frontier is one of those films that has always had a ton of potential, and yet getting moving on it has been a problem. What hasn't been a problem is attracting talent, with Kathryn Bigelow the first to circle the Traffic-style drama, written by her The Hurt Locker writer, Mark Boal. Bigelow dropped out and J.C. Chandor took over last year, but the problem of keeping actors attached has remained an issue.

The latest to come aboard is Johnny Depp, or at least he's in early negotiations for the film, which centers on the dangerous border zone between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, a haven for organized crime. Tom Hanks has also been offered a role, but he's been circling it for so long now that it's unclear where that will go. Most recently Will Smith had been in talks but he has moved on.

This could be an interesting move for Depp, especially coming off the strong reviews for his performance in Black Mass. [Variety]