'Hail, Caesar!' Soundtrack Includes A Channing Tatum Song, Plus New Poster and TV Spot

We've seen Channing Tatum do a lot of things on screen. We've seen him dance...ad nauseum, we've seen him fight, we've seen him do comedy, and we've seen him as a bondage slave in an apocalyptic future. But have we heard him sing? Well we're about to in the Coen Brothers' star-studded ode to Golden Age Hollywood, Hail, Caesar!

A new poster for the film has arrived and it features the abduction of George Clooney's character, an actor who must be found by a beleaguered Hollywood fixer played by Josh Brolin. But that's not really the big news as the full soundtrack has been released and Tatum will be putting his vocals to a song titled "No Dames". We've already seen glimpses of him in a swinging sailor performance so we can probably expect to hear the track then.

Also starring Jonah Hill, Scarlett Johansson, Ralph Fiennes, Tilda Swinton, Alden Ehrenreich, Frances McDormand, with music by Carter Burwell, Hail, Caesar! opens February 5th. Check out the track list below followed by a couple of TV spots. [FilmMusicReporter]

1. Fiat Lux
2. 5 AM
3. Hail Caesar!
4. Baird Hijacked
5. Hobie and Whitey
6. Jonah’s Daughter
7. Comrades Convene
8. The Cattle Call – Performed By Eddie Arnold
9. Malibu Safe House
10. No Dames – Performed By Channing Tatum
11. The Hands of Communists
12. Little Eddie
13. Our Father – Performed By Ascention Church Choir (Maloe)
14. Lazy Ol’ Moon Overture
15. Lazy Ol’ Moon
16. The Glory of Love
17. Song of India
18. In Pursuit of the Future
19. Slavery and Suffering – Performed By the Red Army Choir
20. Soviet Man
21. Denizens of the City
22. Silverman Sax
23. Faith God Damn It
24. Back to the Backlot
25. Behold
26. Echelons Song – Performed By the Red Army Choir