Guillermo Del Toro Set For 'Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark'

While it depends on the day whether Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim will get a sequel, and most recently it's trending positively in that direction, the director is moving ahead on other projects until it is made official. He's already signed up for the long-developing remake of Fantastic Voyage, and now he's moving back to his favored genre of horror with Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

Del Toro is set to produce and potentially direct the adaptation of Alvin Schwartz's best-selling collection of spooky stories. The books were published in 1984 and have sold in the millions, although they are considered by some to be too scary for kids, mostly due to those haunting images by Stephen Gammell, which only made them more popular. John August (Big Fish) is tackling the screenplay, but it's unclear if this will be an anthology or if one particular story will be adapted.  Here's a synopsis for the novels:

This spooky addition to Alvin Schwartz's popular books on American folklore is filled with tales of eerie horror and dark revenge that will make you jump with fright. There is a story here for everyone -- skeletons with torn and tangled flesh who roam the earth; a ghost who takes revenge on her murderer; and a haunted house where every night a bloody head falls down the chimney. Stephen Gammell's splendidly creepy drawings perfectly capture the mood of more than two dozen scary stories -- and even scary songs -- all just right for reading alone or for telling aloud in the dark.

Until Del Toro gets his other projects straight it's unclear when he could begin work on this one.  Along with Pacific Rim 2 and Fantastic Voyage he's been talking about a smaller film that may come first. [TheWrap]