Guillermo Del Toro Keeps Hope Alive For 'Pacific Rim 2' As Legendary Is Sold To Chinese Group

On again, off again; the switch keeps getting flipped on Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim 2 depending on the day of the week it seems. Just last week it was declared dead yet again as Del Toro signed on to direct a remake of Fantastic Voyage, but throughout the director has remained confident the film would eventually happen. As he's once again taken to Twitter telling fans to stay positive, a glimmer of hope arrives that more giant robots will be on screen again soon. Here is Del Toro's tweet from yesterday....

He may have reason to be upbeat. As suggested last week, the sale of Legendary Entertainment to Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda Group could be just what Pacific Rim 2 needs. Now that sale has gone through, and the company is going to look to capitalize on the impressive footprint Legendary already has in China. Pacific Rim, for instance, made more than $100M in China alone, accounting for nearly a third of its worldwide box office. The studio also has Matt Damon leading an action flick The Great Wall, directed by China's Zhang Yimou.

So perk up, kaiju fans, this one isn't over yet.