Guillermo Del Toro Goes On A 'Fantastic Voyage' As 'Pacific Rim 2' Is Shelved Indefinitely

During the course of his press tour for Crimson Peak (which should have done much better), Guillermo Del Toro spoke frequently about his hopes for a Pacific Rim sequel. The expensive sci-fi flick was put on hold by Universal but Del Toro kept working on it in preparation for the time when it would be revived. While the studio execs kept an open mind even as they removed it from the schedule, it was clear the film was in trouble. And so Del Toro has decided to move on to a project that has been in the works for years, a remake of Fantastic Voyage.

Del Toro is in talks to direct Fantastic Voyage, which James Cameron had been developing for quite some time. Shawn Levy had been attached to direct the adaptation of the classic 1966 film about a team of scientists shrunk down in size to enter a colleague's body and save his life.  A couple of years ago David Goyer, who has worked with Del Toro on Blade II, was hired to rewrite the script and he will continue to do so. Meanwhile, Cameron is sticking around as a producer.

All of this is moving forward because THR says Pacific Rim 2 is "off the table indefinitely", meaning the giant robots vs. monsters movie likely won't ever happen. That is unless it finds a new home, and with Legendary Pictures being acquired by a major conglomerate in China, where it did better business than anywhere else in the world, the door may still be open.