George Clooney Is Taken Hostage In The First Trailer For Jodie Foster's 'Money Monster'

For a while there America didn't want anything to do with movies the economy, or at least none that were about how everyone got screwed. It turns out what they really wanted was movies that showed our collective outrage, like Adam McKay's The Big Short. And that same sense of anger can be found in Jodie Foster's new film, Money Monster, which bodes pretty well for its box office prospects.

Foster, directing her first film since 2011's The Beaver, has George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Jack O'Connell starring in the story of a Jim Cramer-esque TV financial guru who is taken hostage live on air by an upset investor. Roberts plays Clooney's producer and love interest who must sit and watch as he's forced to reveal secrets just to stay alive. Between this and Hail, Caesar! this is the year of kidnapping George Clooney, apparently.

Oliver Stone's 1988 film Talk Radio looks like an inspiration in the way it's balancing thriller elements with political commentary. Also starring Emily Meade, Dominic West, and Giancarlo Esposito, Money Monster opens May 13th.