First Trailer For The Remake Of Eli Roth's 'Cabin Fever'

Eli Roth's breakout 2002 horror film, Cabin Fever, was enough of a success to not only launch his career, but the 2009 sequel introduced many to Ti West, who would go on to forge his own successful genre career. After 2014's prequel Cabin Fever: Patient Zero came and went, the decision was made to go with a remake rather than yet another sequel, and the first trailer for it is here.

Roth steps into a producer role while Travis Zariwny takes the helm, and basically it looks a lot like the original, which centered on a group of teens ravaged by a flesh-eating virus. Here's the synopsis:

"Executive producer Eli Roth presents this reboot of his instant classic gorefest, which features all new characters and all new kills. This story is familiar: fresh out of college, a group of five friends retreat to a remote cabin in the woods for one last week of partying- only to become snacks for a gruesome, flesh-eating virus. What’s surprising are the ingenious new deaths, which offer a fresh spin on a horror-comedy milestone. With Gage Golightly (Teen Wolf) and Dustin Ingram (Paranormal Activity 3)."

Starring an unknown cast led by Gage Golightly, Dustin Ingram, Nadine Crocker, Matthew Daddario, and Samuel Davis, Cabin Fever hits theaters and VOD on February 12th.