Christina Hendricks Will Get It On With Billy Bob Thornton In 'Bad Santa 2'

He may be filthy, gross, foul-mouthed and the most mean-spirited Santa ever, but Willie Soke somehow gets all the hot babes. Billy Bob Thornton is set to reprise his role as Soke in Bad Santa 2, and while he won't have Lauren Graham on his arm this time it's okay because now he'll have Mad Men's Christina Hendricks.

Hendricks has joined the R-rated comedy's cast as Diane, a woman who runs a charitable organization, which presumably makes her a good person. And yet somehow she'll also become a love interest for Soke, who is anything but charitable. She is the second new addition to the cast after Kathy Bates who is set to play Soke's tough-as-nails mother, while Tony Cox and Brett Kelly are returning from the first film.

Directed by Mark Waters, Bad Santa 2 is expected to arrive on November 23rd 2016. Hendricks will be seen later this year in Nicolas Winding Refn's The Neon Demon and Fist Fight opposite Charlie Day and Ice Cube.