Chris Pine Reveals 'Wonder Woman' WWI Setting; Connie Nielsen Cast As Hippolyta

Wonder Woman has one of the most confusing continuities in all of DC Comics, which is saying something given the number of times that universe has been rebooted or reconfigured. And each time the universe changes, Wonder Woman's origin, style, and personality seems to get rebooted as well. The character's roots stretch back to WWII, and while there have been rumors that would be the setting for her upcoming solo movie led by Gal Gadot as the Amazonian warrior, co-star Chris Pine says it will actually go further back.

Pine, who plays Wonder Woman's love interest Steve Trevor, told The Toronto Sun the solo movie will be set during WWI, which is a pretty big change. Does that mean the entire thing is set during the Great War? He doesn't say, but it sure seems that way, which makes it unlikely we'll be seeing more of Trevor in the modern DC movie-verse...unless he gets frozen in ice like a certain patriotic Marvel superhero.

But one character who has the divinity to be a factor in the past and the present is Hippolyta, Wonder Woman's mother and queen of the Amazons on Themyscira. Joining Wonder Woman as Hippolyta is Connie Nielsen, who knows a thing or two about warlike clans having starred in Gladiator opposite Russell Crowe.  Nielsen is taking the role that was once thought to be going to Nicole Kidman, but that never panned out. Like Wonder Woman, Hippolyta has had many incarnations. Sometimes she's loving and maternal, but other times she's been seen as considerably more aggressive, including launching a full-scale Amazonian invasion of America at one point.

Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman opens June 23rd 2017. [Variety]