Box Office: "The Revenant" Claims #1 in it's Fifth Week!

1. The Revenant- $16M/$119M
It's almost unheard of for a movie to claim the top spot on the box office for the first time in it's 3rd week much less it's 5th, but that's what Leo and his bear have done. Knocking Ride Along 2 out of the way and leaving the new releases in the dust Leo's best Oscar chance yet has some staying power!

2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens- $14M/$879M
Speaking of staying power Star Wars maintains it's hold on the #2 spot, now in it's sixth week of release episode VII doesn't look to be going anywhere soon.

3. Ride Along 2- $12.9M/$59M
Ice Cube and Kevin Hart drop two spots but still manage to stay ahead of the new releases this week, while it looks like it'll be a tough road to $100M but at the end of the day this has to be a success.

4. Dirty Grandpa- $11.5M
The first of four films released this week Dirty Grandpa pulls in $11.5M despite abysmal reviews, with the blizzard hammering the east coast you have to wonder how much that affects the totals? Zac Efron has to have more box office draw than this, doesn't he?

5. The Boy- $11.2M
The Lauren Cohen (The Walking Dead) starring horror film which, in my opinion, suffered from horrible marketing managed a little over 11 million pulling in just behind the top scoring new release of the week. I always wondered why horror movies chose to release in January...I get that it's wasteland of the year making it a better time to take a risk but doesn't the September-November time frame make more sense? That's not to mention the plot of the movie was never easily understood from the trailers.

6. The 5th Wave- $10.7M
After the admirable statement made by Chloe Moretz, asking her fans not to venture out in the storm and rather wait to see the film, you almost wish there was a great film waiting for those fans on the other side of this storm...there's not. Another pre-teen book adaptation, maybe we can hope that this means an end for that craze!

7. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi- $9.7M/$33M

8. Daddy's Home- $5.2M/$138M
The second team up between Mark Whalberg and Will Ferrall has quietly made it's way to a VERY respectable $138M. I'm going to go ahead and guess that this isn't the last we've seem of these two on-screen together. Poor John C Reilly must be so sad.

9 Norm of the North- $4.1M/$14M

10. The Big Short- $3.5M/$56M