Bloody Teaser For Mystery 'Beserk' Anime Coming In 2016

There's a great deal of mystery surrounding the latest anime adaptation of  Kentaro Miura's manga classic, the uber violent Berserk. The most recent anime trilogy wrapped up a couple of years ago (and was excellent, by the way), but recently a new project was announced and still we don't know what it will be. Is it a new TV series? An animated film? Or something else entirely? None of those questions get answered in the first teaser, which is as gruesome as one might expect.

What we do know is that the project, whatever it is, is arriving in 2016 and will feature the "Black Swordsman" version of the brutish lead character, Guts, and that it will go further than any previous Berserk adaptation has gone. We've only seen brief glimpses of Guts using this appearance, so this is pretty exciting for fans of the isolated mercenary and his giant blade, Dragonslayer.

More on this as new info comes to light.