'X-Force' Team Lineup May Have Been Revealed

A couple of years ago Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow was hired by 20th Century Fox to begin work on a screenplay for an X-Force movie. The team is like a more militaristic version of the X-Men, originally led by Cable, the future son of Cyclops and the clone of Jean Grey. It's complicated. The project has never really seemed to go anywhere, and with Josh Boone recently hired to develop a New Mutants film, it may never happen. But if it does we may have an idea of the team line-up.

Comicbook.com recently came across some concept art from Greg Semkow that is said to be a collaboration between him and Wadlow based on the characters in the screenplay. In the image are a very unusual hooded version of Feral (Semkow confirmed it was her on Twitter), Cable, Cannonball soaring off in the distance, Domino, and Warpath, who was played by Boo Boo Stewart in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Pretty cool team, although it's missing a few of the members I would want to see like Boom-Boom, Shatterstar, and Rictor. And what about Deadpool? Part of the reason X-Force was delayed is that Fox put all of their energy behind the upcoming Deadpool film, and rumors have been circulating that Cable could show up if there's a sequel. More than that, Wadlow's script supposedly includes a role for Deadpool, which Reynolds has said he'd be more than happy to be in.

It may depend on Deadpool's success whether or not an X-Force film actually happens, which should be all the incentive needed to check it out in February.