Will Smith's Deadshot Could Join Ben Affleck's Solo Batman Movie

There's more star power than ever in today's superhero movies, even though they probably don't really need it. Take a look at Suicide Squad, which is basically an all-star jam of well-known talents in one place. Warner Bros. has seen the value in upping the star-wattage of their movies, such as signing Ben Affleck to play the Dark Knight in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and his upcoming solo movie. And now they may be looking to give him some A-list company.

According to a rumor from Latino Review, Will Smith could reprise his Deadshot role in the solo Batman movie. Ben Affleck and Will Smith together is a director's dream, and since Affleck is probably going to direct maybe it was an idea he came up with. There's a connection between Batman and the Suicide Squad that will play out on the big screen, anyway, so maybe this will springboard out of that.

So we'll see if this happens, but there's excitement behind the idea and an apparent scenario in place that would see Batman and Deadshot in something similar to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.