Vote Frank Underwood In First Teaser For Netflix's 'House Of Cards' Season 4

I'm a late comer to the House of Cards party, but boy am I in now! I binge watched the first three seasons of the political drama in record time, and given that I'm something of a political animal it spoke to me immediately. The deviousness, the behind-the-scenes maneuvers to gain power, and of course the lead performances by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. Details on season 4 have been locked up tight, but today sees the release of the first teaser.

You won't find any new information in this footage, done up as a clever campaign ad for Frank Underwood's (Spacey) re-election campaign, but considering how things ended last season we have an idea. Frank and his wife Claire, the most deadly duo in all of national politics, couldn't deny the festering issues in their marriage any longer and she left him just as he needed her most. It's going to be very interesting to see these two on opposing sides, assuming that's the direction the show goes.

House of Cards returns to Netflix on March 4th 2016.