Trailer for 'Eye In the Sky' Has Helen Mirren Taking On Terrorists

Wait, didn't we already get a movie about drone warfare with Andrew Niccol's Good Kill? Well, yeah, but that one didn't have Helen Mirren in it. Gavin Hood's Eye In the Sky does, along with Aaron Paul, Barhad Abdi (Captain Phillips), and Alan Rickman, and it seems to be exploring many of the same questions about the moral quandaries associated with drone warfare.

After quietly debuting in Toronto earlier this year the first trailer has debuted ahead of its theatrical release. Mirren plays a U.K.-based military commander dealing with the political hurdles after her mission to capture Kenyan terrorists becomes a "kill" order. Meanwhile, Aaron Paul plays a drone pilot who must adhere to the chain of command even as the potential cost of innocent lives enters the equation.

So yeah, this looks like ground that has already been covered well enough before, but drones are the new face of the military and these movies aren't going anywhere.  Eye in the Sky opens next year on March 11th.