'The Walking Dead' Midseason Premiere Teaser Has Rick Bringing The Ax Down

The arrival of 2016 doesn't just mean a bunch of annoying Facebook posts about New Year's resolutions (you can fix yourself anytime, y'know!!), it also means some of your favorite TV shows will be returning from hiatus. Only a month has passed since AMC's The Walking Dead ended the first half of season 6 with the arrival of the dreaded Saviors, and already the hype for what's next has begun.

AMC has revealed a brief teaser trailer for the midseason premiere, and it hints at a scene which should be pretty familiar to fans of the comic. The last episode ended with Rick, Jessie, and others from Alexandria covering themselves in zombie guts to escape the invading horde, until Jessie's son Ron started acting like a coward. In the teaser we see Rick swinging down a hatchet to chop something off, and if it follows the path of the comic what he's cutting is pretty important. Of course, the show often veers into a totally different direction so it's anyone's guess who is on the business end of that blade. As long as it's not Carol.

The Walking Dead returns on February 14th.