'The Hunger Games' Franchise Isn't Over Yet

If it has been a secret that Lionsgate plans to keep The Hunger Games franchise going beyond the original four movies they haven't done a very good job of keeping it. While it was Josh Hutcherson who accidentally blurted out at Comic-Con that Mockingjay Part 2 wouldn't be the end, Lionsgate had begun active development some months earlier. Now Lionsgate is back to basically confirm that we haven't seen the last of Katniss and her fight to save Panem.

Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns spoke at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference and said the franchise "will live on and on". So what does that mean exactly?  It means going back to the deadly arena battles seen in the first two movies but were absent from the final two.

"The one thing that kids say they missed [from the early 'Hunger Games' films] was there was no arenas," Burns said. "If we went backwards, there obviously would be arenas."

What other kinds of stories could they tell? Is there really interest in the story of Katniss before she entered the Hunger Games? Are there other characters worthy of receiving their own movie? Are you interested in seeing more of The Hunger Games?