"Honest Trailer" For 'Star Wars: Battlefront' Hits The Target

Like many of you I'm currently caught up in Star Wars fever, and I think maybe that blinded me a little bit when it comes to the video game, Star Wars: Battlefront. I waited a couple of weeks before buying it, and despite some friends saying it wasn't all that great because of the lack of content...well, I got it anyway. It's already got me bored to death. The thrill of flying an X-wing died out pretty quickly, the multiplayer matchups are hella lame for the most part, and basically it's a generic first-person shooter with some Star Wars characters in it. Meh. Did I mention that it's also a little choppy? I still play it, but it's undoubtedly disappointing.

So basically I agree with everything in this new Honest Trailer for the game. I really just want someone to make another Knights of the Old Republic game. Is that too much to ask?