Sofia Boutella To Play 'The Mummy' In Universal's Upcoming Reboot

It's the end of the year which means everyone is putting together their lists of the best of 2015. One film that will likely appear on a lot of those charts is Kingsman: The Secret Service, and one actress who should be on everyone's list of breakout stars is Sofia Boutella, who literally had killer legs in the film. She's experiencing a moment right now with a role in Star Trek Beyond, and now she has landed another franchise that has historically been led by males.

A couple of months ago a rumor surfaced that Universal was considering the idea of a female mummy in their reboot of The Mummy, and that's exactly what Boutella will be doing. Putting a female spin on established brands is hot in Hollywood right now, and Universal is getting in on some of that action. Boutella may be starring opposite Tom Cruise who is still in talks to join the film as a Navy SEAL who shares a past with her. 

Alex Kurtzman is directing The Mummy from a script written by Jon Spaihts for release on March 24th 2017. Boutella also has an upcoming role opposite Charlize Theron in The Coldest City. [TheWrap]