Ryan Gosling And Emma Stone Go Dancing In First 'La La Land' Image

Is there anyone out there who doesn't love Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone? Whether you dug Crazy Stupid Love or Gangster Squad (probably not the latter), Gosling and Stone had terrific chemistry together and it looks like they'll have it once more in La La Land, the new musical from Whiplash director, Damien Chazelle.

Chazelle's Whiplash won three Oscars in 2014, including one for co-star J.K. Simmons, who also has a role in La La Land along with Rosemarie DeWitt, Finn Wittrock, and John Legend. If the casting of Legend wasn't clue enough, the is set in the cutthroat world of show business as a jazz pianist and actress try to hold on to their relationship while advancing their careers.

Chazelle tells EW“There’s an incredible romanticism in L.A. that you don’t always see when you’re stuck in traffic on the 405."

And some of that romanticism can be seen in the first image which shows Gosling and Stone singing and dancing up a storm. La La Land hits theaters on July 15th 2016.