'Rambo' TV Series with Sylvester Stallone In The Works

Sylvester Stallone has never been against reprising his most iconic roles. In fact, between Rocky Balboa and John Rambo he's played them a total of eleven times on the big screen, including his possible awards-nominated return as Rocky in Creed, a film which is an unquestioned hit. As for his famous soldier of fortune, he hasn't been seen in 2008's Rambo, and while a fifth film is reportedly in the works it may be the small screen where he appears next.

According to Deadline, Stallone will exec-produce and possibly star in Rambo: New Blood, a TV series that has been picked up over at Fox. The father/son project would center on Rambo's relationship with his son, J.R., a former Navy Seal who has not been introduced in any of the movies. It's up in the air whether Stallone is officially locked in to act on the show, but it clearly sounds like something that can't work if he refuses. The series will be written by Jeb Stuart, who knows a thing or two about the action genre from his work on Die Hard, The Fugitive, and another Stallone film, Lock Up.

So good idea, bad idea? What do you think of a potential Rambo TV series? Let us know! And be sure to check out Creed because it's the best thing Stallone has done in ages.