Promote Your Brand With USB Memory Direct Flash Drives!

I can't lie to you, there are a lot of cool perks that come with being a "film critic" (I only include quotes because I don't think I'm high brow enough for that title). Even if you're not a critic, if you've ever had your own business, team, or website you know the satisfying feeling of having something that you branded yourself, there's nothing like seeing that logo. Needless to say having that logo on anything is a really cool feeling but more importantly it ups your public awareness which can make or break any venture. In steps USB Memory Direct to facilitate just that need. The modern day equivalent of a branded pen, EVERY one has one of these in their pocket these days, so why not have them be reminded of you or your business every time they pop it into their computer? These guys are pretty astounding. All I had to do was pick from one of about 20 types of drives and email them a decent copy of our logo. A week later I had a box of drives that didn't just look good, but worked as good or better than something you'd grab at Best Buy.