'Prisoners' Writer Takes A Stab At Next 'Friday the 13th' Film

Isn't it kind of ironic the Friday the 13th franchise is having so much trouble with the 13th film? Talk about bad luck! Six years have passed since Marcus Nispel's reboot, and attempts at a sequel or another reboot (it's hard to tell what it'll be) have been delayed multiple times. David Bruckner (The Signal) came aboard to direct about a year ago, but the shifting schedules have forced him to move on.

Bruckner has been cut loose to pursue other projects since producers are basically starting over from scratch by hiring Prisoners writer Aaron Guzikowski to pen a new screenplay. They didn't feel it was fair to keep Bruckner tied down for so long, which is a pretty cool gesture by Paramount, Michael Bay, and the other producers at Platinum Dunes. Where Bruckner goes from here is anybody's guess, but don't be surprised if he's attached to another horror film soon.

As of now the next Friday the 13th movie is set for Friday the 13th in January of 2017. [Variety/TheWrap]