Natalie Dormer Enters 'The Forest' In The Horror's New Trailer

David Goyer is probably best known as one of the creative forces behind Warner Bros.' DC Comics films, but he's got plenty of ideas to go around. One of his side projects was coming up with the story for The Forest, a horror film starring Natalie Dormer that is based on the legend of Japan's Aokigahara forest.

A new international trailer has been released for what is Dormer's first major leading film role, so it's a pretty big test for the Game of Thrones star's building box office prowess. Directed by Jason Zada, the film centers on an American woman who heads to Japan in search of her lost sister, eventually making her way to the Aoikigahara forest, which is known as the "Suicide Forest". Despite being warned to stay on the path, she is eventually confronted by the angry spirits of those who died there.

The Forest hits theaters on January 8th 2016, usually a pretty good week for horrors at the box office. We shall see.