Michael Moore Travels The Globe In The 'Where To Invade Next' Trailer

Every time I watch a Michael Moore movie the first instinct is to flee to another country. That's probably not what he's going for in any of his documentaries; rather his intent is to make us want to make America better, even if that means borrowing from what other countries have done. And that's essentially the entire point of his next film, Where to Invade Next, in which Moore "invades" other nations to steal their best ideas.

The first trailer has been released and it will be very familiar to Moore's supporters and definitely his haters. There isn't one particular subject this time, unlike his most recent film Capitalism: A Love Story; instead he's touching upon the prison system, healthcare, education, the military, all of his pet subjects jumbled into one with his usual brand of humor and ideological spin. Without going to deep into it, I found the film to easily be his best since Sicko, although I'll save the reasons why until my review in a couple of weeks.

Where to Invade Next opens in limited release on December 23rd, followed by a national rollout on January 15th 2016.