Mark Wahlberg Is Definitely Coming Back For 'Transformers 5'

When Mark Wahlberg signed on for the fourth Transformers movie, 'Age of Extinction', it was widely expected he'd be around for the long haul. Michael Bay was said to be kicking off a new trilogy, and you don't bring in someone like Wahlberg to replace Shia LaBeouf just for one movie. Almost exactly a year ago Wahlberg began talking about plans for Transformers 5, pretty much proving he'd be back. But just in case there were still any doubts, he's gone ahead and confirmed it again.

CinePop caught up with Wahlberg for a brief interview in which he said he'd reprise his role as Cade Yeager, the down-on-his-luck inventor who became a hero fighting alongside Optimus Prime and the Autobots. Presumably he'll be joined by Nicola Peltz who played his hot daughter, and Jack Reynor as her race car driver boyfriend, but at this point nothing on them is official.

Not many details about the film are available yet, but it's expected to take place partially on the Transformers homeworld of Cybertron. Optimus Prime left Earth at the end of the last film in hopes of finding their Creators, while Yeager and has family stayed behind under the Autobots' protection.

Transformers 5 is expected to open some time in 2017.