Han Solo Spinoff Targets Miles Teller, Rami Malek, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and 2500 More Contenders

Since Harrison Ford is getting up there in age his two most famous roles now need to be filled by somebody else. One is obviously Indiana Jones, and the speculation on who will don the fedora have begun without a movie even being green lit. And then, of course, there's Han Solo; with a young version of the infamous rogue set to feature in an untitled spinoff directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. How does Lucasfilm go about finding someone to take on such an important character in the Star Wars mythos? Audition everybody.

According to THR more than 2500 actors are in the mix to play Han Solo, meaning they've either put themselves on tape or actually met to discuss it. That list runs the gamut from well-known actors, mostly American, to lesser-knowns that includes some from across the pond. Dave Franco, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Miles Teller, Nick Robinson,, Logan Lerman, Ansel Elgort, Jack Reynor, Colton Haynes, Max Thieriot, Chandler Riggs, Hunter Parrish, Rami Malek, Ed Westwick, and Tom Felton make up just a small part of the wide net being cast.  

Well, at least Chris Pratt's name isn't in there, right? That makes one role he's not up for. Only one.

In football they say if you have two starting quarterbacks you really don't have any. The same thing kind of applies here. With so many actors being looked at Lucasfilm can't be anywhere near making a decision, so they might as well not have any candidates at all, especially since these actors are so wildly different. The film doesn't arrive until May 25th 2018 which should give them plenty of time to narrow down the guy who will be piloting the Millennium Falcon.