Get Ready For The 12 Days Of Deadpool!

Does Ryan Reynolds spend more time in the Deadpool suit than out of it? Sure seems that way because scarcely a week goes by without some new promo for the Merc with a Mouth's anticipated film. The new trailer for the R-rated "superhero" flick arrives on Christmas Day, and Deadpool has his own unique way of celebrating.

A new viral video has Deadpool introducing the "12 Days of Deadpool" leading up to the trailer. Every day starting today, December 14th, a different website will debut something new from the upcoming movie. Basically, Deadpool has taken over these sites in order to do with them as he wishes, so expect lots of weird crap from the chatty merc.  Here's the list of sites:

Dec.14 - Entertainment Weekly
Dec.15 - People Magazine
Dec.16 - Deviant Art
Dec.17 - Empire Magazine
Dec.18 - Fandango
Dec.19 - JoBlo
Dec.20 - Deadpool Core
Dec.21 - Mashable
Dec.22 - IMAX
Dec.23 - Ryan Reynolds
Dec.24 - Trailer Eve
Dec.25 - Trailer Day

So look out for something new to drop on Entertainment Weekly later today.  Deadpool opens February 12th 2016.