Get A Load Of The New 'Deadpool' Poster!

Well, Ryan Reynolds warned us..and now the 12 Days of Deadpool have officially begun with this new poster that's as R-rated as the film's hero. EW debuted the image which has absolutely nothing to do with the holidays, unless you consider Deadpool's package a Christmas gift. Here's what director Tim Miller had to say about the Merc-with-a-Mouth's story....and sexual urges.

“The movie focuses on Wade’s relationship with Vanessa and it’s actually a great love story. But we don’t punt the issue of his sexual urges. It’s in the comic and it’s in our film.”

Vanessa aka Copycat (she's a shape-shifter in the comics) will be played by Morena Baccarin, who fans may recognize from Firefly and Gotham. Also appearing in the film are Andre Tricoteux, Brianna Hildebrand, Gina Carano, TJ Miller, Ed Skrein, Leslie Uggams, and Jed Rees.

Deadpool hits theaters February 12th 2016.