First Trailer For Legal Thriller 'Misconduct' Starring Al Pacino And Anthony Hopkins

There was a time when pairing Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins together would have been something worth looking forward to. Now...well, the results could be hit or miss. Such is the case with Misconduct, a legal thriller that teams the veterans with co-stars Josh Duhamel, Alice Eve, Julia Stiles, and Malin Akerman. On paper it sounds like it could be decent, but the trailer suggests it could be just another throwaway addition to their latter careers.

Directed by Shintaro Shimosawa, a producer on The Following and The Grudge, the film centers on an ambitious lawyer caught in a deadly struggle between a corrupt pharmaceutical exec and a senior partner. What follows is a tale of betrayal, deception, blackmail, and murder, yet the whole thing still looks pretty dull. Dammit, Julia, you're better than this.

Misconduct opens February 5th 2016.