Dylan O'Brien Revs Up For 'Little White Corvette'

Hot on the heels of Easy A and her Oscar nomination for The Help, Emma Stone signed on for a dark comedy titled Little White Corvette.. The film, which sounded a little bit like True Romance in concept, then sat idle without any kind of movement. Stone has now dropped out, but the project lives on and one of the major roles has been filled with the addition of The Maze Runner's Dylan O'Brien.

O'Brien, who recently starred in 'The Scorch Trials', has joined the film playing nerdy, down 'n out guy who hits the road to Miami with his wild sister to sell a duffel bag of cocaine found in the 1977 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray left by their late father.  Stone would have played the sister, obviously, and that role now needs to be cast. At the time, she was being positioned as the headliner but with O'Brien on board 20th Century Fox might not feel the need to cast a huge star.

In talks to direct is Iain Morris (The Inbetweeners), taking over from Michael Diliberti whose script is likely still in play.  Next up for O'Brien is Deepwater Horizon opposite Mark Wahlberg. [THR]