'Dirty Dancing' TV Remake On The Way With Abigail Breslin Starring

First it was Point Break. Then it was Ronda Rousey in Road House. And now the latest film from Patrick Swayze's canon to be plucked for a remake is Dirty Dancing, but before anybody starts whining let's keep it real; damage has already been done to that supposed classic long before now. 

ABC is putting together a 3-hour telecast that will star Abigail Breslin in the role of Baby, made famous by Jennifer Grey. It will feature musical numbers and songs put together by Glee music producers Adam Anders and Peer Astrom, with American Horror Story's Jessica Sharzer writing the script. If there's good news to be found it's the presence of Wayne Blair as director. He did a terrific job on the musical drama The Sapphires and should be a solid fit for the material. Plus the original film's writers are on board as exec-producers. As for who can hope to shake it like Swayze did...well, that decision hasn't been made and I don't envy the guy who gets the job.

But save me all of the crying about Dirty Dancing, okay? Not only is it a highly overrated movie (give me Ghost any day) but there was that awful sequel Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, a stage musical, and a short-lived CBS TV series. So chill out. If those things didn't stop it from being considered a classic then neither will this TV remake. [TheWrap]