David Ehrlich's Top 25 of 2015 Video May Be His Best Yet

I usually don't give two shits about most critics' reviews or their end of the year lists, but I look forward to David Ehrlich's Top 25. The Rolling Stone writer's list is always something to be admired because it's not just a boring written countdown. Instead he creates a wonderfully operatic, beautifully put-together video that shows off the best elements of his chosen films, usually connecting them through some kind of theme. And this year's video is one of his best.

As usual, Ehrlich's choices run the gamut from mainstream movies like Mad Max: Fury Road and Magic Mike XXL to indie fare like Kumiko the Treasure Hunter (which you know I've loved since last year) and Girlhood. His top pick of the year is Todd Haynes' romance, Carol, and if there's an over-arching theme through many of his choices it's the bond between women.

Check out the video below.