Christopher Nolan's Next Film Could Be On The WWII "Miracle Of Dunkirk"

Here's what we know about the next film from Christopher Nolan: it's coming out in the summer of 2017.  That and it's likely to be shot in IMAX just as he has been doing at least partially in every film since The Dark Knight. A few weeks ago Michael Caine said this to THR about Nolan's mystery project...

"He’s got a new movie, I had dinner with him last night … and he’s all secretive, and he never told me a thing. I don’t know [if there’s a role]. He won’t tell me."

Well now details are starting to emerge it seems. Based on the reporting of French site La Voix Du Nord (via ThePlaylist), Nolan's next film could be based on the "Miracle of Dunkirk", in which Allied soldiers were evacuated from the beaches of Dunkirk during WWII. Beginning in May 1940 and lasting through June, the operation began when the British Expeditionary Force and large numbers of Belgian and French soldiers were cut off and surrounded by the German Army during the Battle of France. In all more than 300,000 troops were saved due to the successful operation.

The site adds that Nolan's brother Jonathan is involved and they were recently in Dunkirk where they "absorbed the territory, its past and the consequences of the conflict.” We'll see if any of this is confirmed soon since there isn't a ton of time before he'd need to begin production on whatever he does next.