Christopher Nolan's 'Dunkirk' To Star Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, And Mark Rylance

Sometimes it takes a little while for news on a film to shake loose, and then other times it happens practically overnight. Over the weekend a rumor surfaced that Christopher Nolan's next film would be a WWII film about the miraculous evacuation at Dunkirk, and now not only is it official but a starry cast is starting to come together.

According to THR, Nolan will reunite with his Inception and The Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy, who will be joined by Kenneth Branagh and Bridge of Spies standout, Mark Rylance. The film is simply titled Dunkirk and will be an ensemble piece featuring a number of unknown actors, with the trio actually set for co-starring roles. The story, which Nolan is working on with his brother Jonathan, centers on Operation Dynamo, a 1940 attempt to rescue British, French, and other Allied soldiers cut off and surrounded by the German Army during the Battle of France. More than 300,000 soldiers were rescued as a result, earning it the name the "Miracle of Dunkirk".

As expected, Nolan will shoot it in 65mm and IMAX, which has been a regular thing over his last few films. Production begins next May and it's already shaping up to be a huge summer event with a release date of July 21st, 2017