Vin Diesel Says a New 'Riddick' Film and TV Series are In the Works

Vin Diesel has been great about using the power of social media to promote his upcoming projects, or in the case of Riddick, getting them off the ground entirely. The franchise began with the sleeper hit, Pitch Black, but began to stumble when the big-budget The Chronicles of Riddick bombed. Riddick opened a couple of years ago and made a modest $98M on a $38M budget, and while those numbers aren't great it's enough for Diesel to expand the franchise even further.

Diesel hit Instagram and revealed that his collaborator and franchise writer David Twohy is beginning work on a script for a fourth Riddick film titled Furia. Not only that, but a TV series titled Merc City is in the works.

How real is any of this? Well, pretty real, as Diesel has had no problem launching non-Fast & Furious franchises for himself, even if they don't all perform very well. His most recent film The Last Witch Hunter was a dud domestically but has done much better overseas. Meanwhile he's also recently returned for a third XXX film that is currently developing.  One thing in his favor is that he and Twohy are good at keeping costs low, which makes their films more enticing for studios to invest in.

So there you go. Excited for more Riddick?