Val Kilmer Confuses Everyone While Confirming 'Top Gun 2' Role

Val Kilmer's getting back into the cockpit for that forever-developing Top Gun sequel, reuniting those iconic flyboys of "Iceman" and Tom Cruise's "Maverick". Kilmer made the announcement on his Facebook page, which is perfectly fine, but he also managed to get everyone in a tizzy with what appeared to be a confirmation that Francis Ford Coppola would be directing and Gene Hackman would co-star...

“I just got offered Top Gun 2 - not often you get to say "yes" without reading the script... "It's starring Gene Hackman…" "Yes" "The director is Francis Coppola..." “Yes!"

“Jerry Bruckheimer and Tom Cruise!!! "Yes." We will all miss Tony Scott one of the kindest gentlemen I've ever met in the film biz, but let's fire up some fighter jets again!!!”

Dude! Francis Ford Coppola's directing Top Gun 2??  And Gene Hackman!? Isn't he dead? Oh, well no, he's still alive but still that would be pretty incredible since he hasn't acted since Welcome to Mooseport ruined the entire business for him. Nor does Coppola really direct anything anymore. So while this got fans excited, it was a simple mistake which Kilmer then had to clear up...

Francis Coppola and Gene Jackman are examples of what an actor says "yes" to. They are not involved. So sorry for the misunderstanding.
Posted by Val Kilmer on Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Currently there is no director attached to direct the most recently screenplay by Justin Marks, which will deal with the evolution of the Air Force with the introduction of drone warfare. So chances are "Iceman" will be cooling off behind a desk chair rather than taking to the air.