Trailer for 'Extraction', the Bruce Willis Action Movie Opening Opposite 'Star Wars'

Maybe Bruce Willis and Robert De Niro should form some kind of self-help group together because they both seem to be in the same boat. We just talked about De Niro's penchant for making really crappy movies between really good ones, and Willis is no different. Occasionally he perks up for something like Looper but for the most part he's coasting along in bad Die Hard movies and other forgettable action movies destined for the discount bin. And it looks like you can add one more with the boringly-titled Extraction.  Snooze.

Willis stars alongside Kellan Lutz and Gina Carano, the latter falling into a worrying pattern of bad genre films since her excellent Haywire debut. The film is directed by Steven C. Miller and has Willis as a CIA agent kidnapped by terrorists who must rely on his son (Lutz) to rescue him when the Agency disavows any knowledge.

If you want to know how much faith Lionsgate, who it should be noted make a ton of these lousy films all year 'round (usually alongside WWE Studios), they're ballsy enough to release it on December 18th. What else comes out that day? Oh yeah, a little thing called Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Oof.