Scarlett Johansson Eyed for Gamergate Film 'Crash Override'; Anne Hathaway to Star in 'An Extraordinary Man'

Sexism exists in nearly all forms of media but it's really become an issue in the male-dominated video game culture. The ugliest example was what happened to Zoe Quinn last year, in a scandal that frustratingly became to be known as "Gamergate", because it's not a real scandal without a "gate" attached to it. Quinn's story is now being brought to the big screen with the help of embattled for Sony exec, Amy Pascal.

Deadline reports that Pascal has snatched up the rights to Quinn's memoir, Crash Override: How To Save The Internet From Itself. Rebecca Angelo and Lauren Schuker Blum will write the screenplay which centers on Quinn, a video game developer who suffered months of harassment on the Internet after her ex-boyfriend wrote an unflattering blog post. Basically, people began to accuse her of sleeping with a video game journalist just to get some good reviews. Soon, the abuse spread to other women in the game industry, especially those who rushed to defend Quinn. The term "Crash Overide" comes from the support group she started for victims of such abuses. This is looking to be a major project and already actresses are being sought for the role of Quinn, including Scarlett Johansson who appears to be tops on the list.

Meanwhile, that film's writers are also developing An Extraordinary Man, which has Anne Hathaway set to star in the Tammany Hall-set feature. There aren't any details as of yet, but Tamany Hall was the center of political corruption in mid 19th century New York City, led by the infamous "Boss" Tweed. Is he the extraordinary man of the film's title?