Ron Perlman and Rupert Grint Space Out in Red Band Trailer for 'Moonwalkers'

Among the tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist crowd there's a popular, well, semi-popular, theory that the Apollo 11 moon landing never happened. Some add on to this theory that it was Stanley Kubrick who shot the footage to convince the American people it had occurred. It's an idea that only those on the lunatic fringe can invest in, but that's good enough to get a movie made about it called Moonwalkers, and there's a wacky red band trailer for it now.

It's a film that manages to put Ron Weasley and Hellboy together so it's obviously going to be a little off. Rupert Grint plays a rock band manager with Ron Perlman as a stubborn CIA agent who team up to prove that the moon landing actually happened.

First-time director Antoine Bardou-Jacquet seems to be having fun with the psychedelic '60s, and the film received some strong reviews at SXSW earlier this year. Moonwalkers opens on January 15th 2016.