Richard Gere Has a Secret in the First Trailer for 'The Benefactor'

While he's no longer seen as one of Hollywood's top leading men, Richard Gere has quietly been one of its most reliable. Lately he's been taking on a number of smaller projects, mostly character pieces, and his latest one The Benefactor has just debuted its first trailer after a premiere earlier this year on the festival circuit.

Also starring Dakota Fanning and Theo James, the film centers on Franny (also the film's original title), a wealthy eccentric racked with guilt over the deaths of his two friends in an auto accident. When he tries to make up for it by becoming part of their daughter's life, he's looked upon with suspicion by her husband.

Early reviews of the film have been mixed, but Gere seems to be at the top of his game here as a man struggling to make something good out of a tragedy. Directed by Andrew Renzi, The Benefactor opens January 15th 2016.