Quentin Tarantino Teaches About 70mm In 'The Hateful Eight' Featurette

The most frequent question among critics who are scrambling to see everything possible before their local awards is, "What about The Hateful Eight?". It's a good question as we still don't know if it will be presented to us as Quentin Tarantino clearly wants, which is in full 70mm. That's how the Western will be presented when it opens on Christmas Day as part of a traveling "roadshow" of sorts, with The Weinstein Company shelling out a lot of cash to get theaters ready for it. But for those who have no clue what the big deal about 70mm is, Tarantino has released this 7-minute featurette to school you up.

Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson with other members of The Hateful Eight cast chiming in, it basically runs through the history of 70mm Panavision; the amount of work it takes to present a film in that format, and how roadshows were once considered a special event. This is the same featurette they showed at Comic-Con and it's a good primer on what to expect from Tarantino.

The Hateful Eight opens in 70mm on Christmas Day, followed by a digital theatrical release two weeks later.