Paul Thomas Anderson Exits Robert Downey Jr.'s 'Pinocchio' Film

Paul Thomas Anderson, the auteur behind Boogie Nights, The Master, There Will Be Blood, and most recently Inherent Vice, directing a big screen version of Pinocchio? That odd possibility emerged over the summer when Anderson was said to be writing and maybe directing Robert Downey Jr.'s long-developing fairy tale adaptation. As it turns out, that feeling Pinocchio would be a strange turn for Anderson was justified because he's not going to do the film.

The Wrap's Jeff Sneider dropped the news on Twitter, but didn't elaborate on the reasons. The film is being developed at Warner Bros. and they would want to turn it into a major spectacle, and maybe that's something Anderson would rather not be a part of.  Previous filmmakers who have eyed the project including Ben Stiller and Tim Burton, but for some reason nobody is sticking around.

As for the screenplay, it's unclear if Anderson wrote anything that will be used or if a different writer will be brought in.