New Trailer for 'Zoolander No. 2' Has the Creepiest Benedict Cumberbatch Ever

Supermodels have always been the butt of jokes and Zoolander took that to a new level back in 2001. Ben Stiller did such a great job satirizing the entire modeling industry that there didn't seem to be a need for a sequel, despite the film becoming an instantly quotable cult classic. But now that sequel, officially titled Zoolander No. 2, is here and it turns out there's still plenty of jokes left to be made about the "ridiculously good looking".

So what kind of trouble has Derek Zoolander and his infamous "Blue Steel" got into this time? Well, he's officially an old man in the modeling world, but he'll need to put that aside and team with his former rival Hansel (Owen Wilson) to stop whoever is trying to kill all the pretty people....including Justin Bieber.  The trailer is full of great one-liners and an appearance by Benedict Cumberbatch that may leave his fans scarred for life.  Penelope Cruz plays an Interpol agent on the case, and as Hansel puts it, "she's hot", so of course they instantly trust her.

Expect tons of cameos and appearances by Will Ferrell as Mugatu, Kristen Wiig, Christine Taylor, Billy Zane, and more. Zoolander No. 2 opens February 2nd 2016.