New Trailer For Tobias Lindholm's 'A War' Explores The Impact Of War Crimes

Tobias Lindholm's A War explores the war in Afghanistan from a different perspective, that of the Danish soldiers fighting the war on terror.  Rejoining with his star of A Hijacking, Pilou Asbaek (who recently landed a role in Ghost In The Shell with Scarlett Johansson), the story focuses on a military commander who makes a life-changing decision to ensure he gets back home to the family waiting for him in Denmark. The choice he makes leads to him being accused of committing war crimes.

The new trailer is much like the first, focusing on the life-or-death decisions made on the battlefield, and how those choices can have terrible impact on loved ones back home. We also get a look at the handheld camerawork from DP Magnus Nordenhof J√łnck, who has worked with Lindholm on numerous projects including the acclaimed Borgen TV series.

A War opens stateside on February 12th.