Neill Blomkamp to Direct Time Travel Film 'The Gone World'

After the small-budget District 9 made Neill Blomkamp an instant Hollywood success story, earning him four Oscar nominations in the process, things have steadily gone downhill. The reviews and box office for Elysium and Chappie weren't too great, and most recently Blomkamp's planned Alien movie was shelved by Ridley Scott. But it opens up the door for him to try something totally different.

Deadline reports Blomkamp is in talks to direct an adaptation of The Gone World, the upcoming novel from Tomorrow and Tomorrow author Thomas Sweterlitsch. What's it about? Well, not much is known but it's being described as a "time travel procedural", which certainly sounds like it should be in Blomkamp's wheelhouse. This is his first time directing from someone else's story, as well, although he will pen the screenplay himself.

This is still pretty early on, obviously, and hopefully more details will emerge soon.